She held her breath as she closed her eyes again. The twinkle of the stars painted at the back of her eyelids. She sighed, took another deep breath and let her mind wander. Placing her palms on either side of her head to muffle all sound, she let her mind clear. The birds and crickets now seemed too far off as she traveled beyond reality. She felt her body calm at the thought of being all alone in an empty space. No human, no creature of any sort except her very self. Her heartbeat calmed with each slow breath she took in. Peace. A small smile crept over her face as she let all thoughts go. The bad ones. The ones that broke her very being. The good ones, although not many, she still let go. She loved this feeling so much, she forgot to breath.

Tears stung her eyes as the air grew less. She tried to breath, taking it slowly at first, but it became harder as she realized she had lost it all. The feeling of fresh happiness around her. Water pooled into her ears as the distant cry of the birds turned into loud screams. Pearcing her being. Tearing her apart. She faded, slowly. Drawn into an empty void. She gagged, thrashed, looking for at least an anchor. She found none. Her limbs were starting to numb. Her will power dwindled by the second. It seemed to go on forever, until she remembered to open her eyes.

Bright stars filled her vision. Tiny fireflies fluttered past her. A deep breath. That was all she needed to clear her head of the nightmares. The soft night breeze kissed her cheeks and whispered sweetly into her ears. She understood nothing. The whole experience forgotten in a few seconds. All she needed was this moment, even if it would not last long, she would grasp it.